CoMinnesota moves forward with membership organization proposal.

The results from our membership organization survey were positive enough for the Steering Committee to move forward with its proposal to turn CoMinnesota into a membership dues paying organization.

(Download the CoMN 2017 survey results.) 

We received 65 responses. Almost all found value in many of our program areas, and about two thirds indicated that making CoMinnesota a more formal membership organization was a good idea.

Encouraged by this feedback, the Steering Committee is launching a Membership Drive, which will culminate in an inaugural annual meeting on Wednesday, May 17. We believe a more formal membership organization can more sustainably deliver programs for our CoMinnesota community by:

  • Clarifying the audience interested in CoMinnesota programs
  • Gaining steadier financial and volunteer support
  • Better defining decision-making authority and governance
  • Working more strategically to achieve goals determined by the membership.

CoMN and Join Us! 

Membership Details

Download our Membership Recruitment brochure

Financial participation (skin in the game) is a key co-op principal (#2). We trust you will participate according to your means. Membership status gives you a vote in selecting the Steering Committee and other ballot initiatives, as well as the chance to better engage in the community and work of CoMinnesota

Our dues amount is $25.

Join us here online or remit and send check with name and email address to:

Cooperative Development Services • 145 University Ave. W., St. Paul, MN  55103

Add to your Co-op Principal 6 karma! 


CoMinnesota started in late 2011 in response to a questions, “Why in the state of Minnesota, which has the most cooperatives of any state, isn’t there more cross-sector collaboration and promotion of the cooperatives? What can be done about that?”

Since then a fluid network of cooperative volunteers has responded to this challenge by comingling cooperators at ongoing programming ranging from special events to regular brown bag topic lunches and happy hours. We have also maintained the skeletal infrastructure of a Steering Committee, a website and an email newsletter sent to a list of almost 700.

In order to secure a sustainable future, the Steering Committee believes CoMinnesota needs a defined membership structure and base from which it can draw governance, financial, and volunteer support.

At the start of 2017, the Steering Committee conducted a survey of its 700 email list contacts and received enough encouraging results to move forward with a membership drive. (The survey results can be found on the website.)

For the coming year, we envision:

  • Establishing CoMinnesota as a membership organization, and working to grow membership;
  • Sharing information on upcoming co-op events and activities through our e-newsletter.
  • Hosting regular happy hour networking events and brown bag educational discussions; and,
  • Creating at least one larger public event, in addition to our Annual Meeting

Financially, we will be supported by annual dues from individuals, and sponsorships from co-ops and allies.  Programs will be available to everyone, regardless of membership status. The value of membership is to be directly involved in CoMinnesota’s governance and strategic direction, and to provide the financial capacity for the work to continue.

We look forward to you joining us and help build a cooperative community in

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