Great Turnout at 2017 Annual Meeting Launches New Membership Organization

At our 2017 Annual Meeting, there was unanimous approval among the nearly 27 attendees to transition CoMinnesota to a dues paying membership organization. This was necessary to establish a membership base from which we could draw governance, financial, and volunteer support.

So far, we have nearly 30 members and $1,500 in member dues have been raised so far.

Join us and build help build a cooperative community.

2016-17 Steering Committee

  • Scott Cole – Collectivity Cooperative
  • Kevin Edberg – Cooperative Development Services (incumbent)
  • Bahea Mansara – Riverton Cooperative Housing
  • Dan Nordley – Triangle Park Creative (incumbent)
  • Julia Poznik – Masters economist

Aspirations for 2016-17

Our visioning brainstorm generated a windfall of ideas to work on:

  • More cross-sector pollination between co-ops!
  • Recruit support from larger established cooperatives.
  • Raise consumer awareness of cooperatives.
  • Co-op directory and job board
  • Do more education about co-op model in community, how it relates to economic vitality along the lines of Marjorie Kelly’s Owning our Future.
  • Connect, collaborate, and show solidarity with allied organizations to promote shared agendas.
  • Look at other state/metro co-op networks like Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance for ideas on how to develop.
  • Dream of large convention center like event showcasing/celebrating cooperatives.
  • CoMN on a Stick: Co-op presence at the Minneapolis State Fair.
  • Lobby city, county, state support for co-op development. How it creates positive, sustainable, local economic impact.
  • Support efforts such as Mpls. Cooperative Technical Assistance Program
  • Engage with Cooperative Network’s Co-op Day during legislative session.
  • Promote cooperatives as economic equity bridge and solution to food access, security
  • Organize co-op campout gathering at Mesaba Cooperative Park in Hibbing
  • Get more diverse. Reflect more ethnic, racial, and age diversity in membership.
  • CoMingle explosion! More CoMingles, more attendees, larger events that appeal to a broader audience.
  • Lets explore different co-op sectors! More attention to co-operative farms in the suburbs, food co-ops, housing co-ops, credit unions, worker co-ops.
  • Engage with organizations such as Rotarians and do speaking engagements. Speaker bureau?
  • Engage with young professional organizations.
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