The Evolution of the Cooperative Identity

Democracy and Equity. Self-Help & Solidarity. Concern for Community

Since 1844, co-operative enterprise been guided by the principles established by the Rochdale Pioneers in the North of England. Well, yes — but not quite. In founding their co-op, the Pioneers were building on many experiments that came before them. And while their model spread rapidly, it was not until 1937 that the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) distilled their rules into a set of formal guidelines for a diverse, cross-sector movement serving communities around the world. Updated over time in response to changing social, political and economic conditions, these principles were last updated in 1995. In this webinar, we will discuss the evolution of the Co-operative Identity, how co-ops have worked to be responsive to the needs of their time, and how these values and principles will be at the center of the 33rd World Co-operative Congress coming up in December.

This webinar was recorded on June 22, 2021. Watch it here.

National Farmer Union’s Co-op Series was hosted by Erbin Crowell, Chair of the National Cooperative Business Association, CLUSA International and Executive Director of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association.

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